Custom orthotics should be prescribed by a doctor, and should be made by licensed orthotists.


There are some stores that claim to carry "custom fit" arch supports. They will even have a pressure mat for you to stand on, showing your pressure points. They will have a salesperson, not a licensed doctor, discuss your foot structure, and how you need to buy their arch supports. They will then walk into the stock room and grab a pair of pre-made, i.e. NOT CUSTOM, arch supports.

They will charge you several hundred dollars for each pair of pre-made arch supports. For the same price you could have a professional evaluation and custom made orthotics from a licensed podiatrist.

Furthermore, their salesperson will likely tell you that you require multiple pairs of their orthotics.

Pre-fabricated orthotics can serve a great purpose, when utilized for the correct diagnosis, but please do not go pay hundreds of dollars for these arch supports. If a pre-made orthotic is the best option for you, most podiatry offices will sell a great quality arch support for $50 or less!

Keep this in mind... If you were going to surgery, who would you want performing the procedure and making decisions? The licensed surgeon or the medical salesperson? Please, don't let a salesperson make medical decisions for you. You deserve better. We are happy to help!