Bunionette (Tailor's Bunion)


A Bunionette is very similar to a regular bunion, except the location. Where a Bunion is on the inside of your foot, affecting the big toe joint, a Bunionette is on the outside of the foot, affecting your pinky toe joint. It is a deformity, where the pinky toe drifts inward, toward the other toes, leaving a painful bump on the outside of your foot. To make matters worse, there is a nerve (sural nerve) that runs directly over the bump, leading to even more discomfort, especially in constrictive shoes.


Much like Bunions, there are two treatment options for Bunionettes: manage the symptoms or fix the problem. Similar to Bunions, limited options for conservative treatment. Shoegear changes, accommodative padding, and anti-inflammatory medications are ways to temporarily manage the pain.


The only way to correct, and permanently fix, a Bunionette is with surgery. Since there is a deformity present, reconstructive surgery is necessary to re-align the pinky toe joint. Surgery generally consists of shaving the prominent bump, making an osteotomy (bone cut), and realigning the joint. One or two screws may be used to hold the bone in place, and they remain in your bone for the remainder of your life, with a less than 5% removal rate. The foot is protected in a boot for 3-4 weeks. A surgical shoe is used for an additional 2-3 weeks before transitioning back into your normal shoes. Physical Therapy may be utilized during the recovery period, to keep the joint from becoming stiff after surgery.

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