"The journey to where you are going begins with knowing where you start."

Imagine you are visiting a new shopping mall, trying to find a store. You walk in, find the giant map, and look for the most important part of the map... The star that says "YOU ARE HERE." Without that star, achieving success will certainly take much longer, and may not happen at all.

The same may be said in medicine. The success of any medical treatment is only as good as the initial diagnosis. A world-class treatment can be useless if administered for the wrong condition. 

 Doctor examining a foot. 

At North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute, our staff understands the importance of working with accurate information. We utilize personal communication, along with state of the art technology, to effectively diagnose your condition. From there, we offer an evidence-based approach to treatment, to get you back to the lifestyle you enjoy.


Tools To Assist In Accurate Diagnosis Include:

If further information is needed, MRI, CT scan, Blood tests, and other various tests can be ordered to ensure proper diagnosis.