Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are a great way to support the arch and control motion of the foot. A mold of your feet is made, in the office, and sent to a lab. At the lab, your orthotics are made using your custom foot mold, with minor alterations, as prescribed by your doctor.

The kind of orthotic, or arch support, you may need varies greatly upon what kind of foot structure, and diagnosis, you have. Only licensed podiatrists, along with a small percentage of orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors, have the training required to understand the intricacies involving the bio-mechanics of your foot and ankle. Understanding these bio-mechanics is of utmost importance when recommending orthotic arch support because that orthotic will be changing you foot's mechanics. That change can be beneficial, if properly prescribed, or detrimental, if improperly recommended.

Custom Orthotic for foot and ankle pain.

Custom-Made Orthotics Can Help:

Pre-fabricated (Over-The-Counter) Arch Supports

There are some instances where custom made orthotics are not necessary, and high quality pre-fabricated arch supports are all you may need. If custom orthotics are not required for you, we will be happy to tell you so. We also carry a high quality pre-fabricated orthotics that can be adjusted, to better help you foot structure, during your visit, if needed.

In general, if you are getting an arch support from a pharmacy, general retail store, or sporting good store, you are getting a low quality support, that has a very low chance for success. High quality pre-fabricated arch supports are found mainly at podiatry clinics and specialty running stores, and they usually cost $50, or less. 


* Top Cushion may need replaced every few years.

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