Electronic Medical Records

With the rapid advances in technology, we often see a clash between tradition and technology. This battle is highlighted in medicine, primarily in medical documentation. Many doctors find themselves choosing between a comfortable method, such as paper charts or dictation, or a newer computer system. 

We utilize electronic medical records as a tool to allow for storage of medical information that is more secure, accessible, and efficient than paper charting. While there are many benefits to electronic systems, we understand the potential for creating an impersonal patient experience. Our goal is to use technology as our servant, not our master, and to ensure we spend more time looking at you than our computer

Utilizing an electronic systems provides us with services, such as our patient portal, which allows you to register your patient information from the comfort of your home, as opposed to our waiting room. This also saves you time on the day of your appointment. The patient portal also allows you to view your medical information and test results without having to formally request copies of your medical records.

We respect your time, and we know you have better use for your time than sitting in our waiting room. Our goal is not to use technology to hurry you through your appointment or make your visit impersonal, rather to make the maximum use of your time in, and outside, our office.

Note: Your patient information is stored in protected computer servers, that are in compliance with government standards. (HIPAA)