Why is my second toe painful and stiff?

There could be a number of reasons why pain and stiffness is concentrated specifically in your second toe. The list includes, though is not limited to, stress fractures (tiny cracks in bone from repeated stresses or impacts), a broken bone, or a Morton’s neuroma (which is a swelling of nerve tissue).

One other common cause of second toe pain, especially among those who have a longer second toe than first toe, is capsulitis. In this condition, the ligaments that surround and support the joint swell and weaken, causing discomfort. Without treatment, the toe may even drift out of place, crossing over its larger neighbor.

Whatever the source of your pain and stiffness may be, Dr. Keith McSpadden of North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute can help you find it and treat it, usually without surgery. To schedule an appointment at our office in either Round Rock or Cedar Park, TX, dial 512-593-2949.