Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

Flat feet are one of the most interesting and discussed topics among foot and ankle surgeons. The reason is because flat feet are like snowflakes, there are millions of them, and none of them are the same. This is one of the reasons why Dr. McSpadden chose to complete his surgical residency training at the Western Pennsylvania Hospital department of Foot & Ankle Surgery. For decades, this department has been on the forefront of research, publication, and surgical techniques regarding the treatment of flatfeet, in children and adults, and Dr. McSpadden is pleased to bring this expertise to the Austin area.

Approximately 25% of Americans (60 million+) have flat feet, with a smaller percentage that have symptomatic, or painful flatfeet. As children begin to walk, you will almost always notice they have flat feet. That is because their foot structure has not yet formed, and structure will generally continue to form into the early teenage years. This is a normal process. Pain, on the other hand, is not a normal process, and consistent complaints of pain about the arch or ankle should warrant evaluation by a foot and ankle specialist. Whether you are in middle school or middle-aged, consistent pain should be evaluated.

There are two major categories of Flat Feet:

  • Asymptomatic (No Pain)
  • Painful

If there are no symptoms or pain associated with your foot, there is no need for treatment.

There are two major categories of Painful Flat Feet:

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