4 Home Bunion Treatments So You Can BBQ Comfortably

 BBQing comfortably

Welcome to National Barbecue Month and all the delicious food that goes with it! Every warm sunny weekend is a chance to fire up the grill—and to prepare for Memorial Day weekend and the traditionally accompanying family cook-out. When you have bunion pain, though, standing in front of a grill and then walking around to serve hamburgers to family and friends can strain your forefoot. You need a plan for treatment at home to offer real bunion pain relief, so you can enjoy a cook-out comfortably.

Bunion pain relief doesn’t have to be complicated. Most of the discomfort from the condition is related to pressure on the enlarged bump at the base of the big toe. Taking steps to keep the problem from progressing and alleviating some of that pressure can go a long way in improving your foot comfort—and you can do many of these things at home!

Here are a few remedies that may alleviate some of your forefoot pain:

·         Pad the bump – Put a moleskin or gel pad between the bunion bump and your shoes to reduce pressure and friction.

·         Ice the big toe – Ice alleviates swelling and inflammation. Apply an ice pack when the toe is sore.

·         Wear comfy shoes – Choose shoes with a wide, soft toe box that won’t squeeze or bother your bunion. You might need better arch support in your footwear as well.

·         Avoid shoes that could make the problem worse – At the same time, completely avoid shoe styles that are known to aggravate forefoot problems: high heels, narrow models, and pointed toe boxes.

These are by no means the only remedies for bunion pain relief, and this treatment at home might not be enough, especially if your bony bump is already pretty big. Don’t give up on living and cooking out with comfortable feet, though. Our staff at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute will help you find a remedy that works. Just call to make an appointment: (512) 593-2949 for our Cedar Park office, or (512) 960-4290 for our Round Rock location.

Posted on May 5, 2015 and filed under Bunions.