Tips for Taking Care of Feet after Surgery

So you’ve penciled in surgery. Whether it’s a bunion correction, flatfoot reconstruction, or other procedure, you know your feet are going to need a little TLC while you recover. Taking proper care of your feet after your surgery not only helps you reduce post-operative pain and swelling, but also speeds the healing process and decreases the risk of a re-injury.

 Foot being prepped for surgery

Obviously, the particulars of what you’ll need to do will vary based on the type of surgery, but there are some good general-purpose tips that apply to most situations.

  • Stay off your feet! For certain procedures you may be up and about with a surgical shoe right away, but even if you’ve been cleared for light walking, the less pressure you can put on your feet during the heeling process, the better. If you have crutches and are told not to put any weight on the foot at all, we mean it.
  • Keep those feet elevated. This is a time-tested strategy that helps minimize swelling. Whether you’re resting in bed or on the couch reading a book or watching TV, try to keep your feet at heart level or above if you can.
  • Keep bandages clean and dry. Wet bandages significantly increase the risk of infection. Our office will provide instructions on how to keep them dry during bathing and other activities.
  • Follow all your post-operative instructions carefully and faithfully, including taking your medications, performing at-home physical therapy, and taking the full amount of time to rest as directed. Even if you find that pain and soreness have improved substantially (or even disappeared), it doesn’t necessarily mean full healing has taken place and you can go back to regular activities.
  • If you notice any signs of trouble, including pain that increases or lasts longer than indicated, fever or infection, and more, contact us right away.

We know foot surgery is a big step (no pun intended), but trust the guidance of our expert surgeon, Dr. Keith McSpadden—he knows how to get you back to full strength as quickly and completely as possible. To schedule an appointment at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute, call us at 512-593-2949.

Posted on July 1, 2015 and filed under Foot Surgery.