Escaping Ingrown Toenails

 ingrown toenail

This time of year, there are plenty of things people try to escape: haunted houses, corn mazes, and even the temptation of all that candy! If one thing you’d like to avoid is the pain of an ingrown toenail, not to worry -- we can help keep this condition from haunting you! Follow these tricks for treating your feet so you can prevent ingrown toenails and their scream-enticing symptoms:

No witchy-poo shoes! Footwear that is narrow, pointy and tight is a potion for toil and trouble. Make sure footwear doesn’t squish your toes together encouraging nails to grow inward. Instead, look for shoes with deep and wide toe boxes – think Frankenstein, only more stylish!

Get scared straight. End your fear of ingrown toenails by trimming straight across. Do not curve or angle the sides or it could cause the nail to dig into surrounding flesh and even bleed and become infected. We know it’s Halloween and all, but we recommend sticking with fake effects only!

Stop before it goes too far.  If you think cutting nails short will help prevent ingrown toenails, you are gravely mistaken. The pressure from shoes could force the nails to pierce the skin. No talons either! Nails that are too long can tear and cause jagged edges. It’s best to keep nails even with the tips of your toes.

Beware! Watch out for injuries. Protect your toes by wearing shoes at all times. Choose a steel-toed pair if you work with heavy objects or machinery.

Holler for Help. If you’ve tried to escape ingrown toenails but to no avail, call our Round Rock or Cedar Park, TX office at (512) 593-2949 to schedule an appointment. We can help your toes go from howling to happy!

Posted on October 25, 2016 and filed under Nail Care.