Top Tips to Strengthen Feet and Avoid Injury

 Injured Achilles

Whether you enjoy hiking or biking in our area parks, or prefer going shopping at our local stores, you’ll want to make sure your feet are feeling great. After all, you don’t want an injury to stop you from getting in your workout or scoring an awesome deal. If you have strong feet you can avoid foot injuries, and guess what? We can help! Here are some strengthening exercises for your feet that you can do before you head out the door:

Lift and Lower – lift each toe individually until all 5 are in the air, then reverse the exercise, putting each toe down one at a time.

Spread Those Toes – with your weight on your heels, spread your toes apart without letting them lift off the ground.

Play a Little Pick Up – place some marbles or pebbles on the floor, then pick them up with your toes and drop them in a bucket.

Flex and Point (and Circle and Pull!) – flex your foot, then point your toes. You can also throw in some circles in each direction, or try pulling your toes toward your shin to help stretch the band of tissues in your arch.

Tip-Toe Around – walk around on your tip toes – it’s not only fun, but also strengthens your feet!

Step It Up - stand on a step with your heels hanging off and raise up on your toes, then back down

Do the Flamingo – balance on one foot, then the other. Hold on to a chair or counter if you need to at first.

Follow these tips for strong feet and you’ll be more likely to stay injury-free. Of course, if you are having issues with your foot health, you know where to find us! You can reach our Cedar Park or Round Rock, TX office by dialing (512) 593-2949, or by using our online contact form. Connect with us and we’ll be sure to help you hit the trails or the mall with fit and healthy feet!

Posted on October 4, 2016 and filed under Sports Injury.