Top 4 Bad Bunion Habits

 Bad habits

People often nag others about bad habits like talking with their mouth full, biting their nails, or not covering their mouth when they sneeze, but what about bad bunion habits? Sure, it might not be as commonly discussed as swearing too much, but breaking bad habits when you have bunions is vital to stopping the problem from progressing! So, here are the top four common errors people make when they have a protruding big toe joint. Take note and break free of these mistakes that make bunions worse:

  1. Wearing the wrong shoes. If you have a bunion, don’t keep wearing your favorite high heels or narrow shoe styles. Trade in those troublemakers for shoes that offer plenty of toe room and don’t place your feet in an abnormal position, causing pressure in all the wrong places!
  2. Blowing off biomechanical issues. If flat feet are causing you to overpronate, meaning your foot rolls too far outward when you walk, this imbalance of pressure can throw your big toe joint out of alignment and continue to do so with every step. In other words, every time you take a step forward, your bunion problem will take a step back! Invest in orthotics, which can help correct structural problems that cause poor biomechanics, distribute weight evenly, and provide support where you need it most.
  3. Passing on preventative measures. There are pads you can use to protect bunions from friction and pressure. There are stretches you can do to help keep your big toe in position. You can also tape your big toe to its neighbor or use a toe splint to hold your toe in proper alignment. If you are not trying any of these conservative treatments, you are encouraging your bothersome bump to get bigger.
  4. Ignoring an injury. If your big toe has been injured and you don’t address it, the injury can heal incorrectly and contribute to bunion formation and pain. Get the treatment you need now to avoid problems in the future!

Breaking these bad bunion habits isn’t easy, but it is essential to keeping symptoms at bay and your bunion from becoming even more bothersome. If you need help, just give us a call. Dial (512) 593-2949 to reach our offices in both Round Rock or Cedar Park, TX. Don’t make the mistakes that make bunions worse – call today!

Posted on November 22, 2016 and filed under Bunions.