Safe Pedicure Pointers

If you’ve been shopping and baking and preparing for the holidays, it might sound tempting to treat yourself to a pretty holiday pedicure. But before you allow your toes a well-deserved pampering, be sure your nails will be getting a makeover, not a fungal infection! Check out these tips to stay safe at the salon:

 Pretty feet

Pay a Pre-Visit. Pay the salon a visit before you make an appointment. Make sure the place is clean and that they sanitize equipment and baths between customers. Check that the technicians wash their hands and are properly licensed. If you can’t tell just by looking around, ask!

BYOT. The best way to know the instruments being used are clean and sanitary is to bring your own tools along! That includes disposable tools, too, like emery boards and toe separators.

Don’t shave before you go. It only takes a small nick or cut for a fungal infection to enter your body. With that in mind, you shouldn’t go if there are blisters or any other abrasions on your feet, either.

Be smart about sharp. Never let the technician use sharp tools to cut cuticles or rough skin away. Cuticles should be gently pushed back with a rubber stick and rough patches smoothed with a pumice stone.

Clip with caution. To avoid ingrown toenails, be sure that nails are trimmed correctly -- straight across, without rounding the corners so they are even with the tips of your toes.

Taking these precautions before a pedicure will help your nails steer clear of a fungal infection and stay pretty for the holiday season. You never know -- these safety tips could turn out to be your favorite gift! Call (512) 593-2949 to reach either our Cedar Park or Round Rock, TX office to find out more. Then, let the pampering begin!

Posted on December 1, 2016 .