Planning Day

First off, I apologize for these blog posts not going out during my trip to Peru. The internet was not fantastic, and it was taking forever to try and upload pictures. Regardless, we had a fantastic and successful trip. I appreciate all of your support throughout this process, and I am thankful for your patience with having the office closed during that time. We are now back to full speed, and we are scheduling appointments as usual. I hope you all enjoy the blog posts that will be coming in the next several days!


We started out the day with a light breakfast and met with all the members of the campaign in the hotel conference room. It’s inspiring to see 34 people, spanning 7 decades of life, from numerous different cities, coming together to serve one singular purpose. We started with some devotional time, and then we started breaking up into our work groups. We have a couple dentists, a pediatrician, family medicine provider, and myself, on the medical side. We also have a team to help take patient’s vitals and screen them to help assess their potential needs. There are members of the team that will help with translation, diabetes screening, and filling medication orders. We also have a team that will be putting together playground equipment for the school we are going to be at. For lunch, we ate chicharron sandwiches (pork shoulder with sweet potato slices and an onion relish).


After finishing preparations for our first day at the school, we had a little free time to enjoy the city. A group of us went to the Larcomar shopping center, which is on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. It was a great place to have some afternoon Peruvian coffee, while getting more acquainted with some of the members of our team. From there, we walked about 20 minutes north to the Inka Market to do a little souvenir shopping and refresh my skills of price negotiation in a language I hardly understand. Since my two oldest girls love helping their mommy and daddy cook, I got them each a “Mini Chef” apron! (I promise to post pictures once they get them) From there, we met up with the entire team for an authentic Peruvian meal. The food was fantastic (minus the Peruvian version of tripe) and the arroz con leche (rice with milk) was a surprisingly good desert. We ended the night with a surprise birthday party for one of our team members, who will be celebrating his 60th birthday tomorrow, and who will never think of clowns the same way again! It was a fun night of seeing people operate outside their comfort zone, and now it is time to sleep!

Posted on July 6, 2016 .