Home Care to Combat Tingling Feet


Tingling, prickling feet are a constant source of discontent for many. Known by its more formal name, peripheral neuropathy, this condition affects something on the order of 20 million Americans to some degree, often in concert with a diabetes diagnosis. Damage to the nerves in the extremities causes communication signals between your feet and brain to go haywire, and while this could lead to any number of symptoms, the most common are tingling and numbness.

While we definitely recommend you see us for medical treatment options—this is not a problem that will get better on its own, and a team of experts helping you gives you the best chance to halt or even partially reverse the nerve damage—home care will also be a large portion of any successful treatment strategy. This includes:

  • Proper management of any underlying conditions, particularly diabetes. Keep your sugar levels within a healthy, normal range.
  • Regular exercise keeps blood pumping to the feet, helps you control blood sugar, and can even help relieve neuropathy pain. Going for walks, picking up a leisure sport, or even yoga or tai chi can be very helpful. You should target a minimum of 30-60 minutes of focused activity, three times per week.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Your nerves need nourishment, too!
  • If you smoke, endeavor to quit. It’s poison for your nerves.
  • The occasional drink with dinner or friends is fine, but excessive alcohol intake can accelerate the progression of nerve damage.

As long as the nerve cell itself is still alive, peripheral nerves do have some ability to regenerate axons and restore some lost function over a period of time. However, not all nerve damage or neuropathy can be reversed. That’s why it’s important to seek help early and commit yourself to healthy living. If your feet are tingling, please make an appointment today with Dr. Keith McSpadden and North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute by calling (512) 593-2949.

Posted on August 16, 2016 .