Stretches to Help Your Achilles Stay Strong

Your Achilles tendon might be even stronger than your will to keep your New Year’s resolution, but if getting fit is your goal, making sure your Achilles stays strong is as important as making nutritious meals and time for the gym!

We know you’re gung ho to start the New Year out right, but overuse when training and a sudden increase in activity can take its toll on your Achilles tendon, weakening it and making it more vulnerable to injury. Avoid sidelining yourself and your resolution with these Achilles tendon stretches and strengthening exercises:

Wall pushes. You can strengthen your Achilles by stretching the calf muscle to which it’s attached. To do this, simply face a wall, place both hands upon it, then extend one leg behind you and press your heel to the floor. Switch legs and repeat. You can also try a set with knees bent for a different stretch.

Toe raises. Standing on the edge of a step, raise up on your toes and hold for 10 seconds, then lower and drop heels down. Do one foot at a time, then try both! For another variation of this, keep your heel on the ground, place your toes on the step, then lean into it.

Towel tug. Sit on the floor with legs extended straight out in front of you. Loop a towel over your feet and pull the ends toward you while pointing and flexing your toes.

Doing these Achilles tendon stretches regulary will help you stay on track for a healthy 2017! For more tips and information, give our Round Rock or Cedar Park, TX office a call by dialing (512) 593-2949. We're happy to help you get fit and stay strong from head to toe. 


Posted on January 11, 2017 and filed under Sports Injury.