Preparing for Foot Surgery

Foot Surgery

So, you’ve got a foot surgery coming up. The date has been circled on the calendar. You’ve gotten your instructions from the physician about what to wear to the appointment, warning about eating or drinking after midnight, what to expect in the coming days, etc. But are you really ready?

The results of any surgery are determined not only by the skill of the surgeon, but by how well you as the patient can take care of your body through recovery and rehabilitation. Working ahead of time to prepare for your foot surgery can make the recovery period go a lot more smoothly. Here are some things to think about as you prep:

·       Do you have the help you need? Especially in the first few days or weeks, having a loved one close at hand can make a huge difference. If a spouse, son or daughter, or close friend can take a little time off from work to help you, it would be a big plus. Talk with them ahead of time so you’re sure you get the assistance you need.

·       Where are you sleeping? If your bedroom is on an upper floor, we’d recommend setting up a bed somewhere on the ground floor, as well as bringing down some clothes ahead of time. The fewer trips you have to take up and down stairs, the better.

·       Are your essentials close at hand? You’re not going to want to stretch, reach, or bend to access items while you’re healing. Everyday-use objects like dishware, clothing, towels, etc. should be moved within easy reach if they aren’t already.

·       Do you have supplies? It’s a great idea to do a big grocery run right before your surgery, and even to prep some meals beforehand and store them in the freezer. Make sure you’re stocked up on napkins, toilet paper, or any other everyday consumables. Doing so can save you a difficult trip to the store.

·       Is the clutter contained? Cords, ottomans, laundry baskets, magazine racks—anything that could present a tripping or navigational hazard should be cleaned up or put away before your surgery. You wouldn’t want them making it difficult to get around or, even worse, end up causing a second injury.

·       Can you see? Walking into a dark room with a recovering foot is a major hazard. Buy some night lights for rooms and hallways so you’re never totally in the dark. Flip on the lights before you enter the room.

We’ve said it already many times above, but we’ll say it one more time: the more you can prepare your home and plan for your needs ahead of time, the smoother your surgery recovery will go—and that can mean faster healing times and a lower risk of complications or reinjury.

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Posted on October 27, 2017 .