How to Deal With Sweaty Feet

Taking in a Round Rock Express game can keep you on the edge of your seat and cause you to perspire from anticipation, not to mention the hot sun if it’s a day game! There are plenty of things that can jump start your sweat glands, but if you suffer from sweaty feet all the time, that’s a whole ‘nother ball game!

 How to Deal with Sweaty Feet

Excessively sweaty feet, medically known as hyperhidrosis, is not only uncomfortable and embarrassing, but can also lead to additional problems like foot odor, blisters, fungal infections, and more.

Thought to be an inherited trait, you unfortunately can’t change the fact that you have this condition, but you can take steps to keep sweatiness to a minimum.

Good hygiene is a must. Make sure you keep feet as clean and dry as possible. After washing, dry thoroughly, and apply ant-fungal powder that will help absorb sweat as well as inhibit fungus from taking hold. You can even apply antiperspirant to your feet – who says it’s just for underarms?

Wearing socks made of moisture-wicking fabric helps too, as does opting for shoes made of materials that breathe. It’s good to alternate the shoes you wear as well, since this will allow each pair time to dry out before wearing them again.

Finally, try to avoid eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol. Although tempting while at the ball park, both can trigger sweat.

If you strike out with these treatments, there are medical approaches that can be called in for relief, including prescription medication, injections, and iontophoresis – a process using electrical currents to block sweat from reaching your skin’s surface. In severe cases, surgery can stop nerves from sending your brain the message to sweat, however this is rarely performed.

If you have sweaty feet, you don’t have to sweat it anymore – we can help! For more tips or to make an appointment, call us in Round Rock or Cedar Park, Texas by dialing (512) 593-2949. Our team is #1 at keeping sweaty feet outta here!

Posted on April 28, 2017 and filed under General.