Stretches to Stop Plantar Fasciitis Pain

We have so many running trails, running clubs, and running races around here, it’s no wonder we see so many cases of plantar fasciitis! This overuse injury is common in runners who log a lot of miles, decide to increase their distance or intensity too quickly, or jump into activities without proper preparation. All this stress on the feet can lead to inflamed tissues in the arch that irritate the heel, resulting in a nagging case of heel pain, especially with those first steps of the day! Sound like you? Well, luckily there are some stretches that can help! Stop your plantar fasciitis pain by taking a break from your normal activities and incorporating these exercises into your day:

 Stop Plantar Fasciitis Pain
  • Tight calves can aggravate plantar fasciitis, so doing some wall pushes can help ease discomfort. Face a wall with both palms on it and extend one leg straight back, pushing your heel to the ground, then switch.
  • A good one to do before you even get out of bed: grab your toes and gently pull them back toward you to stretch your arch.
  • Loop a towel around your foot and while holding each end of the towel, point and flex your toes.
  • Use a foam roller or even a frozen water bottle to roll back and forth under your foot.
  • Scatter some marbles on the floor along with an empty bowl, then pick up each marble with your toes and place it in the bowl one at a time.

Other treatments that can help with heel pain from plantar fasciitis include massaging your foot, wearing a night splint, and investing in supportive and well-cushioned shoes, as well as custom orthotics that can displace pressure away from your heel. You should gradually return to activities and build upon your routine, and be sure to warm up properly prior to exercise, too.

If you are struggling with plantar fasciitis pain, stop the discomfort by stopping in to see us! Call our Round Rock or Cedar Park, TX office to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about this and other running injuries. Don’t let heel pain get in the way of enjoying your run. Dial (512) 593-2949 and pay us a visit, today.

Posted on May 12, 2017 and filed under Heel Pain.