Physical Therapy for a Fast Recovery

So, you hurt yourself, you got the proper diagnosis, followed your treatment plan to a T and now you’re good to go, right?  Not exactly. Back up a minute! You’re forgetting a key component to your total recovery and that’s physical therapy (PT). Rehabilitation exercises will restore strength, flexibility, range of motion, and function, speeding up recovery and returning you to your favorite activities faster than if you just skipped this important step to bouncing back. In fact, not only does physical therapy help you recover from an injury, it helps you avoid recurrence of injury in the future as well – even more reason to make sure you do your PT exercises!


Basically, physical therapy re-teaches your muscles, tendons, and ligaments to not just function again, but function properly. This means while restoring their abilities, PT also adjusts inefficient or incorrectly operating soft tissues that could be making you vulnerable to injury or adding to your problems. In essence, rehabilitation trains your muscles and other soft tissues to perform in the best way possible. Yeah, it does all that!

So, if you have an injury, but you want to feel better in time for that Fourth of July picnic you’ve been looking forward to, make sure you include physical therapy in your recovery plan and you’ll be able to celebrate your own independence from pain and problems! 

From sports injuries to post-surgery situations to chronic conditions like arthritis, get the proper care you need – including physical therapy – by scheduling an appointment with our Cedar Park or Round Rock, TX office today, just dial (512) 593-2949 or use our convenient online contact form.

Experience the power of PT!

Posted on June 26, 2017 .