What is this spot on my foot?


In the hot Texas sun, it’s smart to be aware of spots on your foot that show up by surprise, but how do you know if the new speck is something you should be concerned about or something you can shrug off?

There are plenty of spots on your skin that are perfectly harmless and actually fairly common to appear over time. Tiny pink or brown bumps, for instance, are often simply the result of scar tissue left behind by a bug bite or ingrown hair. Cherry angiomas are small, red dots -- either raised or flat -- that are just dilated blood vessels which pop up as you age, especially if other family members get them too.

Of course, red spots can also indicate a fungal infection like athlete’s foot (which will also itch!), or benign forms of skin cancer called basal or squamous cell carcinoma – although these tend to be pearly in appearance. 

In addition, the spots on your foot could be solar lentigines, A.K.A. sun spots, which are patches of darkened skin that appear in sun-exposed areas, but are absolutely no cause for alarm. Seborrheic keratosis are dark, rough spots on your skin that come with age, but while benign, can be mistaken for melanoma. This deadly skin cancer distinguishes itself with being asymmetric, having an uneven border, varying in color, and being larger than an eraser top, and continuing to grow in size.

Because identifying spots on your foot can obviously get tricky, it’s important to have your feet assessed to determine what the foreign blemish is and how it should be treated. If you notice a new and strange spot on your foot, call for an appointment at our Round Rock or Cedar Park, TX office right away by dialing (512) 593-2949. It may not be anything of concern, but we’ll make sure of it and help keep your feet safe!

Posted on August 14, 2017 .