Heel Pain

Heel pain is the most common reason patients visit a podiatry office. Whether the pain is on the back or the bottom of the heel, it can become debilitating during both exercise and normal daily activities. Heel pain, commonly referred to as "Heel Spur Syndrome," can be caused by several different conditions, such as tendinitis, arthritis, nerve entrapment, stress fracture, or even bone cysts. However, the overwhelming majority of adults with heel pain have either Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendinitis. The difference between the two is based on location:

Plantar Heel Pain (Bottom of Heel) - Plantar Fasciitis

Posterior Heel Pain (Back of Heel) - Achilles Tendinitis

 Heel Pain

Most cases of heel pain can be successfully treated without need for surgery, but an accurate diagnosis is necessary to ensure treatment success. Both use of X-Ray and Diagnostic Ultrasound can be beneficial in establishing a correct diagnosis. Click on the links below to discover more about the treatments for each particular type of heel pain.

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When children experience heel pain, it is rarely from one of the above conditions, and is most likely caused by inflammation of the growth plate. CLICK HERE to Learn More About Heel Pain in Children.

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