Plastic Surgery Techniques

Often times, we immediately associate the phrase "plastic surgery" with cosmetic procedures, but plastic surgery can be defined as the reconstruction or restoration of normal form and function to the body. Many foot and ankle surgeries fall under this category, as we correct deformities to achieve maximum function. In addition to substantial pain relief, the cosmetic benefit of correcting foot deformities, is that after surgery, the foot appears more "normal."

There are some techniques used in surgery that do allow for a better cosmetic result, and we incorporate those techniques into the majority of our procedures. One example is the use of intracuticular sutures for skin incisions. The suture is place beneath the outermost layer of skin, to allow the skin edges to perfectly align, reducing the amount of scar tissue formed. Many times, we use this technique in combination with absorbable suture, so there is no suture removal necessary after surgery.

Plastic surgery techniques are extremely useful in treating chronic wounds. In the foot, we often see these kind of wounds as a complication of diabetes. Using skin graft or local skin flap techniques can help to close wounds that do not respond to normal wound therapy.

Examples of Plastic Surgery Techniques

  • Aesthetic Suture Techniques
  • Local Skin Flaps
  • Skin Graft Procedures
  • Skin Plasty Procedures for contractures

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