Our Approach to Surgery

Although most conditions of the Foot & Ankle respond to conservative treatments, there are a number of patients who will require surgery. Dr. McSpadden has strict criteria for performing surgery. His philosophy is that surgery is necessary only if:

  1. You experience pain on a daily or routine basis.
  2. Your condition is preventing you from having the activity level or lifestyle you desire.
  3. Conservative Treatments have failed, or are not indicated.

We understand the decision to have surgery is not an easy one. There are many considerations, including the recovery time, activity limitations, work restraints, and financial obligations involved with surgery. It is important to remember that surgery is an investment in yourself. The potential benefit is years of pain relief and freedom from the condition that is limiting your lifestyle.

Some Surgical Treatment Options Include:

We make every effort to inform you of the risks, benefits, and expectations involved with your surgery. We believe patients have better outcomes when they are better informed. Prior to surgery, you will have a specific consultation, in which the doctor will discuss all the information regarding your surgery, and he will answer any questions your, or your family member, may have.

Most surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, meaning no overnight hospital stay. This is done at an accredited surgery center or hospital. Dr. McSpadden is credentialed to perform surgery at the following facilities:

Hill Country Surgery Center

Cedar Park Regional Medical Center

Oakwood Surgery Center

Seton Medical Center Williamson

Seton Northwest Hospital

St. David's Georgetown Hospital

St. David's Round Rock Hospital