Too many people live with the mistaken belief that foot pain is normal, or that very-little-to-nothing can be done about it. At North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute, we know for a fact that your feet should not be a source of pain. We also know something can be done so you don’t have to live with discomfort.

Welcome to our offices in Cedar Park and Round Rock, Texas. We’re thankful for this chance to serve you when you need it most! Our goal is to help you live a healthy, pain-free life on a strong foundation—that is, your own two feet.

A Healthy Life Stands on a Strong Foundation

Every standing structure in the world has a foundation that holds it up, and your body is no exception. Your feet support you. When they are healthy and strong, you are able to live an independent, mobile life, doing the activities you love.

However, injuries happen. Daily life takes its toll, and even diseases can affect your lower limbs. All of this compromises your foundation and makes living a healthy, pain-free life more difficult. This is where our cutting-edge foot and ankle care can make a difference. We use an evidence-based approach to treatment that applies accurate diagnoses so we can tailor remedies to your exact needs.

Helping You Make Educated Choices

Our office values real relationships. You are not just filling space in our schedule. You are our neighbor, friend, and family member. We know that suffering with foot pain puts you in a vulnerable position. We are so grateful for your trust in us and work to continually earn and maintain that confidence.

At the same time, we believe that educated people make educated decisions for their health and foot care. You shouldn’t have to be in the dark about your condition or what treatments are available for you. We strive to do more than just “keep you in the loop.” We aim to actively educate you about your lower limb health so that you are an integral part of planning your treatment. The very best foot care happens when our podiatrist and you work together toward improving your foot health. That’s part of why we maintain a library of information on our website—so you can learn more about what affects your feet and ankles.

With You for Every Step of the Healing Process

The majority of foot and ankle problems can be treated using combinations of noninvasive, conservative methods. These remedies help your body heal itself, without having to surgically invade it. We’re dedicated to doing more than just treating your symptoms, though. We work to get to the root of your pain and address it at the source. From Achilles problems to ankle sprains to heel pain to bunions and flat feet, we work with you to correct the problem.

While we believe conservative treatments are the best option for most lower limb conditions, we recognize that these methods can’t truly fix everything. That is where surgery comes into play. While we treat surgery as a “last resort” to handling your foot pain, we also know it can be a valuable option to correcting lower limb problems. Our foot doctor, C. Keith McSpadden, DPM, is a lower limb surgery specialist who can help you through every step of the care and recovery process, whether from conservative measures or surgical ones.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your health journey! Investing in your feet is a step in the right direction to living a full, healthy life. Remember: foot pain is not normal, and you don’t have to live with it! Contact North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute in Cedar Parker and Round Rock. We proudly serve these communities and the surrounding areas, including Austin, Georgetown, Leander, and Liberty Hill. Use the web request form or call to reach us: (512) 593-2949 for Cedar Park, or (512) 960-4290 for Round Rock.