Can I treat my calluses at home?

Calluses typically can be treated at home without any intervention from a doctor; however, certain procedures may not be recommended if you have diabetes or any other condition that increases infection risk.

Calluses are primarily caused by pressure and friction, so reducing these forces on your feet is something anyone can do. Stick to cushioned, comfortable shoes that reduces the load on your feet. You can also pick up some cushioned callus pads at the pharmacy—just be sure to stick to the ones without any salicylic acid or medication, unless we tell you otherwise.

If you have no underlying health problems that could put you at great risk, you can carefully trim calluses using a pumice stone or emery board. Give your feet a good soak first in soap water, and be careful not to remove too much skin—you don’t want to create any cuts or open sores.

If you have diabetes, your calluses are causing pain or coming back repeatedly, or you have other concerns, don’t take the risk of taking matters into your own hands—give North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute a call at (512) 593-2949 and let us help.