Services We Provide

At North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute, we specialize in providing comprehensive foot and ankle care for the whole family, using the latest in diagnostic and treatment research and technology. No matter your age, condition, or activity level, we can work alongside you to create an effective, customized treatment plan.

On this page, you can learn more about some of the advanced services we offer.

Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment Options

When it comes to foot and ankle pain, a relatively common set of symptoms can arise from an extremely wide variety of different conditions and injuries. Simply put, if you want your treatment to work correctly, it’s extremely important that your doctor arrives at the correct diagnosis first.

At our office, you can expect focused attention to detail from the very first moment you arrive. We’ll always take the time to talk with you about your symptoms and perform a thorough physical evaluation. Our office is equipped with digital X-ray and ultrasound to aid in diagnosis.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an exciting, emerging branch of medicine, with innovative treatments designed to help accelerate the body’s natural healing, regeneration, and anti-inflammatory responses. They are safe, non-surgical, and have very high success rates.

At our office, we have used regenerative therapies to successfully eliminate long-standing chronic pain without surgery, close ulcers and surgical wounds faster, ease neuropathy symptoms, and help patients return to work and sports faster than ever.

Regenerative treatments we provide include:

Orthotics & Bracing

A large percentage of chronic pain symptoms—not just in the feet, but throughout the entire body—can be traced at least in part to biomechanical problems in the feet and ankles. Poor foot structure, poor balance, abnormal joint motion, and related issues can cause misalignments and added points of stress and pressure throughout your musculoskeletal system.

Fortunately, these biomechanical issues can often be effectively addressed with the proper tool. In addition to custom orthotics, we also provide a variety of high-quality, adjustable, prefabricated orthotics and braces to help restore balance to your biomechanics and eliminate the source of pain.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Our primary goal is always to treat your foot or ankle problem conservatively, which is why we place such a heavy focus on orthotics and regenerative medicine. However, for some conditions, surgery may still be required or preferred.

Our board-qualified podiatric surgeons are highly trained in a variety of surgical procedures for foot and ankle conditions, including arthroscopy, flatfoot reconstruction, bunion reconstruction, and even plastic surgery techniques to minimize scarring. We’ll avoid surgery if we can, but if not, we’ll still attempt to use the least invasive procedures possible to shorten your recovery time and minimize your risk of complications.

Foot and Ankle Sports Medicine

Feet and ankles are highly susceptible to injury from athletic competition, training, or just living an active lifestyle. This includes “high profile” traumatic injuries like ankle sprains and broken feet, but it also includes a lot of chronic problems that, over time, can be just as serious—stress fractures, heel pain, shin splints, and more.

We love working with active individuals of all ages, all sports, and all ability levels. Just like you, we love to play. And that’s why we go the extra mile to make sure your foot or ankle sports injury is addressed quickly and correctly, so you can go back to what you love as soon as possible.

Pediatric and Family Care

Podiatry is often stereotyped as a profession that mostly deals with older adults with a lot of miles on the pedometer. But that generalization just isn’t true! Even young children can experience foot problems—and because their feet are still growing and developing, they often need very specialized care.

We pride ourselves on being Austin’s top choice for foot and ankle care for the entire family. We love working with young children just as much as their parents and grandparents, and will be sure that your little one gets the gentle, attentive, and effective care he or she needs to grow healthy and strong!