Services We Provide

At North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute we provide comprehensive foot and ankle care for the whole family! No matter your age or activity level, we come alongside you to provide an expert diagnosis and customized treatment plan.

We offer pediatric care for a wide range of children’s foot issues that can spring up anytime from baby’s first steps to your teenagers winning touchdown. And there are certainly plenty of injuries that can occur in sports. Whether you sustain an overuse injury that simply needs rest or an acute one that requires surgery, our experts will help you develop a game plan for recovery.

podiatric services

Orthotics are a great way to support your arch and control the motion of the foot, which can help resolve many structural foot issues. With many foot and ankle injuries, conservative care and treatment is the best option for recovery. Unfortunately, that's not the case for everyone and your podiatrist may recommend a surgical treatment instead.

Our office may also recommend regenerative medicine, so you can take advantage of new advances in medical technology to stimulate the healing process at the cellular level. Some of these techniques are part of a comprehensive surgical approach, but many of these treatments can be used in the office, in an effort to avoid surgery.

If you’re suffering from pain in a lower limb, contact our office today and request an appointment!