Non-Surgical MLS Laser Treatment

There are many reasons why working in the field of medicine can be pretty cool at times.

Having the opportunity to help patients overcome pain and functionality problems so they can return to favorite activities is right up there at the top of the list. So too is educating patients and giving them the chance to stop problems from developing in the first place.

Something else that makes this particular list is the excitement of learning about and utilizing technological innovations and advances.

Sure, a wide range of other occupations can see new, innovative technologies being used in their respective fields. Some of the most impressive, though, happen in the medical field.

A prime example of this is MLS laser therapy – something we are proud to offer at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute.

laser therapy

What is MLS laser therapy?

Put simply, MLS (Multiwave Locked System) laser therapy is a state-of-the-art treatment option to help patients overcome soft tissue injuries in feet and ankles.

To be more specific, an MLS laser is a medical device capable of producing concentrated light energy of precise wavelengths. This laser energy can travel through outer layers of body tissue and reach the site of an internal injury.

Since the energy passes through those tissues, there is no need for surgical incision – which makes this a noninvasive treatment we may recommend to achieve various objectives.

Now, once the laser energy reaches the damaged tissue, it immediately stimulates, and then accelerates, the body’s natural anti-inflammatory and healing responses at the cellular level. These responses do take place naturally on their own, but MLS laser therapy enables it to begin more quickly and promotes faster tissue healing.

Along with enhanced cellular activity within the damaged tissue, this advanced treatment is also shown to increase vascular activity to the site of the injury. What that means is your hard-working cells can receive greater amounts of the oxygen and nutrients they need to do their job.

Are there advantages to using an MLS laser to treat foot or ankle pain?

This treatment provides an array of advantages over traditional methods. In addition to the ones we just noted, some of the other benefits from using laser therapy for foot pain include:

  • Faster tissue repair. To look more closely at what happens and how it relates to faster repair following injury, it is worth noting that the cells within damaged tissue absorb the photon energy produced by the laser. When this happens, it essentially jumpstarts activity in the cells – specifically with regards to regenerating and replacing cells.
  • Heightened metabolic activity. Stronger blood flow to the area brings additional amounts of oxygen and nutrients, but cells need to be able to absorb and use the nourishment in an efficient manner. Fortunately, the laser impacts cellular metabolism so your cells can do exactly that.
  • Improved immune function. As your body heals, the immune system works to make sure everything is on track. Two vital components of this are immunoglobulins and lymphocytes, both of which are stimulated by laser energy.
  • No need for surgery. This was touched upon already, but is worth repeating – laser therapy is a noninvasive treatment method. Even better, there are cases wherein we can use MLS therapy in place of surgical intervention.

Given remarkable benefits like those, it’s only natural when people ask us if MLS laser therapy safe.

We are happy to let you know that this is, in fact, a completely safe process; one that has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – the federal agency responsible for ensuring that medical devices are safe for human use. Basically, it is illegal to produce, sell, or use medical equipment without the FDA’s seal of approval.

In addition to being safe, the treatment is both quick and painless. Sessions typically take less than twenty minutes and some patients report feeling only a slight warming sensation.

Perhaps the best news is that—unlike with some medicinal options—there are no known side effects from MLS laser therapy.

Foot Injuries

Which injuries and conditions can be treated with MLS laser therapy?

Laser treatment is a versatile option – one that can be used to improve healing processes and relieve pain from many problems. That said, the MLS laser is best for treating soft tissue injuries (ones that happen to connective tissues and muscles).

Since your feet contain more than 100 different soft tissue and have to sustain incredible amounts of physical force and stress—even from just walking, which places up to twice your bodyweight on the landing foot with every step—we treat patients who have many kinds of soft tissue injuries.

Some injuries and conditions that tend to be more common include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, bursitis, arthritis, and various tendon injuries.

The nature of your injury will likely play a role in your MLS laser treatment plan. Acute injuries (ones typically sustained during a single, traumatic event) may require only a single treatment phase to achieve our treatment goals.

In the case of chronic conditions (injuries that are usually the result of overuse), we may prescribe a series of several treatment sessions. In this kind of plan, the results are cumulative – which means they build up over time.

Advanced Podiatric Care at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute

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