Accurate Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Your Complete Foot and Ankle Evaluation

Your foot evaluation is the start of a journey. Really, it is—and every journey starts in the same place: the beginning. Knowing exactly where that beginning is, though, determines your ability to move forward. What’s the most important feature on a map in a giant mall? The “YOU ARE HERE” sticker, of course! You can’t figure out how to get from point “A” to point “B” if you have no idea where point “A” is in the first place—much less which direction you have to face to head toward “B”.

The same is true of medicine, which is why a foot evaluation is so important. You need an accurate diagnosis and an idea of a direction for treatment to offer the best care. The very best remedy in the world is useless when it’s not what your foot or ankle needs. An accurate diagnosis determines “where you are” so our team at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute can help you begin your recovery journey.

Podiatrist Checking Feet

What to Expect at Your Evaluation

When you are struggling with foot or ankle pain, our expert podiatrists C. Keith McSpadden, DPM and Anne Sharkey, DPM will start you on the path to healing with a thorough diagnosis. This involves understanding your medical history as well as examining the problematic foot itself. Our staff may take a look at your shoes and how you stand or walk. We might move your foot around and test its strength. We might also need diagnostic imagesthat give clearer insight to the structure and function of your unique lower limbs—and what might be going wrong to cause your pain.

During this process, we know that your feet hurt, so we make the utmost effort to be as gentle as possible. We appreciate your feedback during the evaluation so we can be careful with your lower limbs and determine if we are heading in the right direction. Sometimes checking other areas of your body can shed light on your current discomfort, too—foot pain can be related to problems in your knees, hips, and spine. All in all, your evaluation should cover a complete examination of your lower limb’s bones, joints, connective tissue, circulation, nerve function, skin and nails, gait, and footwear.

Your Goals and Unique Needs Matter

Your unique lifestyle and goals for treatment matter. Our doctors enjoy working directly with patients to establish the best treatment methods possible. By discussing your individual lifestyle needs and your hopes for treatment, our team can craft a plan for your recovery that fits you. This also allows us to address and accommodate any concerns you have, your work requirements, and your financial obligations.

Using Technology to Serve You

Digital X-rays and ultrasoundare safe ways to get a picture of the inside of your feet. If they do not produce enough information for us to accurately begin your foot care, we may order other tests, including MRIs, CT scans, and even blood tests. Once we have an accurate understanding of your condition and your individual needs, we use our evidence-based approach to treatment with the goal of getting you back to the lifestyle you enjoy.

Every journey in life has to start somewhere, including your path toward health, healing, and a pain-free life. Don’t suffer with uncomfortable feet. Let foot specialists C. Keith McSpadden, DPM, Anne Sharkey, DPM, and our North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute team help you get started with a foot evaluation. Use our website to make an appointment. You can also call (512) 593-2949 for our office in Cedar Park, TX, and (512) 960-4290 for our location in Round Rock, TX.