Do home remedies for warts work?

The literature on how well home remedies for warts work—or if they work at all—is unfortunately rather mixed. We’re confident that over-the-counter medications, particularly medicated salicylic acid pads, can help in some cases, although the process is slow and doesn’t always work—it may take several weeks, and the success rate hovers around 50%.

More novel remedies, such as using duct tape instead of medicated pads, show even less promise, though some swear by them. We’ve even heard of people using garlic or pastes made out of baking powder and castor oil.

That said, while home remedies tend not to be very effective, most are not dangerous or harmful in any way, so unless you have any specific concerns about your skin or whether or not your problem is actually a wart, feel free to try one. If it works (or the wart gets better on its own), great! If not, you can always schedule an appointment with Dr. McSpadden for a professional solution. Visit us in Cedar Park or Round Rock, TX by dialing 512-593-2949.