How can I ease bunion pain?

When the bony bump on your big toe is causing discomfort, not to worry - there are several things you can do to ease bunion pain. Ice and anit-inflammatory medication are both helpful, in addition to stretches -- like pulling your big toe into proper alignment and holding it there for a count of ten. Toe spacers and night splint that hold your toe in place can do wonders to reduce painful symptoms, as well as slow the progression of your protruding bone. Making sure your shoes have plenty of wiggle room for your toes and using orthotic inserts to take pressure away from the joint can go a long way toward alleviating pain, too. Finally, you can use pads to protect and cushion the area, or try a soothing foot soak at day's end.

If these conservative methods are not enough to ease bunion pain, call us to discuss other options, including surgical intervention. You can reach our Cedar Park or Round Rock, TX office by calling (512) 593-2949, or by using our online contact form.