How can I recover from surgery quicker?

Whenever a surgical procedure is necessary to treat a condition, it is only natural to want to recover from the process as soon as possible. If you want to recover from surgery quickly, the best place to start is to follow our instructions. Too many patients disregard doctor orders, or only follow some of them, when simply following them would lead to a quicker recovery process.

Beyond taking our advice and recommendations, discussing the procedure with us beforehand and asking as many questions as you need will help you prepare for your post-surgical recovery time. This will also help as you make plans for your discharge, like ensuring you have a ride if one is needed.

If you or any of your loved ones require a surgical procedure to treat an existing condition or injury, North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute is here to help. We will always attempt to use nonsurgical treatment methods first, but sometimes surgery is the best course of action to restore mobility and eliminate pain. Contact our practice today through our online form or by calling our Cedar Park office at (512) 593-2949 or our Round Rock, TX office at (512) 960-4290.