How do you catch athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot isn't just for athletes! This common skin infection is caused by exposure to fungus and is highly contagious, meaning just about anyone can catch it under the right circumstances.

Fungi love to live in dark, moist environments such as locker rooms, pool decks, showers, towels, inside shoes—or, more to the point, the spaces between your toes. Transmission occurs through contact with an infected surface, which means walking barefoot through the locker room or sharing shoes or towels is a definite no-no. It also means you should choose moisture-wicking socks and well ventilated shoes, and change both frequently, to avoiding giving fungi the environment and opportunity to populate.

Keep your feet clean and dry and avoid going barefoot in public to keep your risk of transmission low. If you already have this fungal skin infection, and over-the-counter treatment don't seem to be working, call Keith McSpadden, DPM for professional evaluation and treatment. You can schedule an appointment online, or call us at 512-593-2949.