Is it okay to pop my blister?

In general, it's best to avoid popping or draining a blister. Doing so greatly increases the risk of an infection, so if you're able to leave it intact and wait it out until it goes away on its own, it's your safest option. This goes double if you have diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, or other problems that affect your circulation or immune system—we strongly recommend that you never pop a blister in such circumstances.

However, in some cases where the blsiter is especially large or painful and making it difficult to even stand or walk, carefully draining and bandaging it may be an appropriate choice, so long as you can do so safely and check regularly for infection or complications. Wash the affected area with soap and water, make a few small holes in the edge of the blister with a sterile needle to drain (leaving the "roof" intact), apply antibiotic ointment, and bandage. Replace the bandage every day, checking for signs of infection.

If your foot blister needs medical attention, or you're worried about infection, please request an appointment with North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute by completing our online form or calling 512-593-2949.