Is there a proper way to trim toenails?

Yes! Although there’s no way to perfectly prevent problems such as ingrown toenails or fungal toenails, employing proper trimming tools and techniques is the best way to keep your nails looking and feeling great.

Before you begin, make sure your feet are clean and dry—this not only reduces the risk of spreading disease, but makes your nails softer and easier to cut. Use a large pair of clippers, too—the longer the lever, the easier it will be to cut.

Always cut your nails straight across, and never too short. Rounded edges that are cut too close to the skin may cause the nail to grow toward the skin, leading to an ingrown toenail, infection, and/or fungal problem.

If you’re experiencing problems with your toenails, call Keith McSPadden, DPM today. Ingrown toenails and fungal nails won’t go away on their own, but both are fixable with the right treatment. You can schedule an appointment at one of our two Austin-area locations by dialing 512-593-2949.