What can I do to prevent foot odor?

Foot odor is the result of bacteria on the feet breaking down sweat into odor-producing acids. Your feet sweat a lot (around a pint per day), so it’s extremely important to prevent moisture from getting trapped.

Foot odor prevention strategies include:

  • Wear moisture-wicking socks and breathable shoes that allow ventilation for feet
  • Practice good hygiene and wash your feet daily, using antibacterial soap if you have a history of foot odor
  • Alternate pairs of shoes, giving them at least a day to dry out between uses
  • Apply antifungal powder or spray in shoes overnight
  • Let feet air out while you’re at home

If these tips aren’t enough to prevent or neutralize a case of stinky feet, give Dr. Keith McSpadden and the team at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute a call for a professional evaluation. You can schedule in Cedar Park or Round Rock, TX by calling us at (512) 593-2949.