What can I expect after bunion surgery?

Knowing what to expect after bunion surgery helps you prepare and eases your mind. You will have stitches and your foot will be wrapped to help protect the area and keep your toe in proper position. Take care to keep your stitches and dressing dry. When you are bathing, keep your foot away from the water or cover it with a plastic bag. This period can last 1-3 weeks until it's determined that stitches can be removed.

Elevating your foot as much as possible helps minimize swelling, and you must not put weight on the foot. You might have to wear a walking boot, cast, or splint to help with this, and a brace to keep your toe in alignment. The severity of your bunion, the type of procedure you've had, and how well the healing process is going will determine when you can wear normal shoes again. (Hint: follow after care instructions closely and don't try to do too much too soon!)

Medication can help with inflammation and pain, and eventual physical therapy will help to restore mobility and function.

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