What could be causing my child's heel pain?

Probably the most common cause of heel pain in kids, particularly during and around puberty, is Sever's disease. Kids' bones are still developing during this period, and the growth plate in the heel is sensitive. Repetitive stresses from running, jumping, and playing sports or tension from tight tendons, especially during a growth spurt, can cause swelling and pain.

Other potential causes of painful heels in children may be related to obesity or faulty foot mechanics or structure—such as high arches or a tight Achilles.

The good news is that children are, by and large, excellent healers—conservative therapies usually do the trick. That doesn't mean you should ignore your kids when they complain, though. Conditions that are not treated can result in more problems down the line and require the use of more aggressive treatments.

When your youngster complains of heel pain, or you notice the telltale signs (limping, walking on toes, unwillingness or inability to run and jump normally), visit Austin's Dr. Keith McSpadden for gentle, compassionate, thorough care. To set up an appointment, contact us online or call 512-593-2949.