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Check out our latest blog posts on heel pain, one of the most common foot and ankle conditions that we see at our office. Dr. Keith McSpadden specializes in treating heel pain.
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  • Heel Pain at Work The podiatrists at North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute discuss heel pain at work, ways to relieve it on the spot, and what to do about it in the long run.
  • Conservative Options for Heel Pain Surgery is not the only option for finding relief from heel pain. North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute are experts at providing effective conservative treatments.
  • Tips for Reducing Heel Pain Throughout Your Work Day Heel pain can make a long day at work even longer. Fortunately, Dr. McSpadden has some tricks that can help. His tips for reducing heel pain throughout your work day can make a huge difference for you!
  • What to Do When Heel Pain Flares Up in the Morning Are the first footsteps of the morning always greeted by a stabbing, aggravating pain in the bottom of your heel? Plantar fasciitis is probably the reason. There is good news, though: you have many treatment options, says Dr. Keith McSpadden.