What You Should Know About Hammertoe Correction

If you have hammertoes, the thought of surgical correction has probably crossed your mind at least once or twice. But you’ve probably also wondered what your options are. Are there any treatment alternatives? When is the right time for surgery? What can I expect from surgery?

North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute offers the important facts you need to know about hammertoes and hammertoe correction.

  • Hammertoes will not get better on their own. Once your toe has started to curve downward, surgery is the only way to permanently straighten it again. Hammertoes are a progressive condition, and without intervention they will only get worse, not better.

  • However, not all hammertoes need surgery. We won’t lie to you—the non-surgical treatment options are limited. However, if your hammertoe is not yet severe, conservative care options may be sufficient to resolve pain and allow you to function at full activity. Treatment might include padding, roomier shoes, toe spacers, and medications. Person crossing their feet in embarrassment

  • When hammertoe pain starts to affect your daily life, it’s probably time for surgery. When you’re dealing with daily pain and being prevented from engaging in the lifestyle you desire—and bigger shoes or toe spacers just aren’t cutting it anymore—it’s time to consider more aggressive treatment.

  • Hammertoe correction has a high success rate and history of patient satisfaction. The vast majority of people who elect hammertoe surgery are very happy they did. Success rates exceed 90 percent. The surgical procedure usually requires removing a small portion of bone from the toe, and releasing some of the tight ligaments in order to allow the toe to straighten.

  • Surgical techniques for hammertoes have improved tremendously in recent years. Recent advances allow us to do this using surgical implants rather than metal pins or wires. Some of these implants will even be reabsorbed by your body over time! Our team also specializes in both minimal incision and cosmetic surgery procedures, which may be applicable to your situation. These techniques help reduce recovery time and surgical risks, and minimize scarring.

Think you might be ready for a surgical correction for your bent toes? Please call the North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute for more info or to schedule an appointment. You can book at our offices in either Round Rock or Cedar Park by dialing (512) 593-2949.

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