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  • 6 Ingrown Toenail Prevention Tips Want to make sure that your last ingrown toenail becomes your last ingrown toenail ever? Dr. Keith McSpadden in Austin has 6 tips for you.
  • Treating Ingrown Nails at Home In certain circumstances, you may be able to treat your ingrown toenails at home. But how do you do that? And should you? Dr. Keith McSpadden explains.
  • How to Drain a Foot Blister Foot blisters can be extremely painful. If the time comes and you need to take care of one, here is how.
  • What Caused Your Brittle Toenails Brittle toenails can be caused by numerous factors, from aging to fungus to diet and more. Dr. Keith McSpadden of Austin helps you isolate the problem. 
  • Toenails Growing the Wrong Way? Podiatrist, Dr. Keith McSpadden of Texas, explains the most common causes of ingrown toenail.
  • Hammertoe Correction The North Austin Foot & Ankle Institute shares 5 key things to know about surgical correction for hammertoes.